this has been a fiber-licious holiday season for me. i really need to start catching you guys up on my doings and goings. my to-do list has been sitting ignored for the last little bit, in favor of… well, life. it happens.

not terribly long ago, i was at jake’s familial domicile, participating in the annual raising and decorating of the tree event. at the end of the evening, i was led to my graduation present. and i almost cried. three times.

this spinning wheel belonged to and was used by jake’s great grandmother. for the past fifty to seventy five years, it has been sitting in corners and basements. when jake and his father got to it, only parts were still there, some whole, some rotted, and not at all assembled.

from these various parts, and with the help of el famous internet, they managed to re-assemble the parts that were there, re-create some parts based off of the half rotted ones, and make several parts from scratch.

To give you an idea of what was made versus what was there (if you want/need reference, there’s a diagram of a wheel that resembles mine here)… They had the mother of all, the maidens, the flier assembly (whew), the tension screw (again, thank goodness), the wheel, and the table (which looks like it might have been used as a cutting board at some point).

so they made one of the maidens, bobbins, bearings, the treadle, the legs, treadle bar and footman (here’s a detail on the footman that jake burned in for me:)

it is a single drive with a scotch tension added afterwards. actually, the drive band is the only thing they bought for this. there was one condition upon which i got this, which i was very glad to agree to, and that was to travel to see jake’s grandmother to show her the working wheel in action.

more on that later.