jake gets another hat! which has been coming in handy with the ridiculous weather we have been getting, and with our trip northward.

because of it’s dark color, the hat is near impossible to photograph with blowing out jake to practically eye-searingly white. but there is one decent picture of the hat:

pattern: the greenery hat(ravelry link), pattern from lilith’s lair of lunacy
yarn: oooh, i loved this yarn. it was lorna’s laces shepherd worsted, and it was soft and cushy (only merino for my man!). and the colors are really pretty and muted, very sensible and manly; a little black, a bit of charcoal grey and a touch of chocolate brown. in short: good stuff. but expensive! i won’t be making a sweater out of this anytime soon. it’s wearing pretty well, too.
needles: were sized eight circulars.

i didn’t make any modifications. i knit the longer ribbing for jake’s largish head. okay, a couple of fun details from our weekend vacation:

beer sausage! in this case, PBR.

and his grandma’s collection of glass bottles.