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Monthly Archives: August 2009

spent a lovely day away before the madness that will be september arrives. it’s always great to get away. no cell reception, no pressing responsibilities. it’s like hitting the reset button. we listened to david sedaris on the road, primarily when you are engulfed by flames, but the tail end of dress your family in corduroy and demin also.

i finished the swallowtail a little over a week ago, blocked and all, though the bind off gave me quite a bit of hassle. i knew i wouldn’t have enough yarn for the whole pattern, so i applied life lines at various points with the thought that i could rip back and try again from them. instead of ripping back, though, i decided not to do the last chart of the edging. first i tried binding off in the first knit row after the last chart. this is where that got me:

i ended up binding off at the purl row after the last line of the penultimate chart. i tried first with size 8 needles, using a purl 1, slip purled stitch to right(/leading) needle, purl the two stitches together, and ran out of yarn 80% of the way through. so i ripped back to the beginning of the row, and went at it with size 6’s, alternating between the bind off described above and the more conventional purl one, slip previous purled stitch. it was still stretchy enough for blocking well, but the edges are not the usual pronounced scallop:

birds do it, bees do it <–ravelry project page

pattern: swallow tail shawl by evelyn a clark, first published in interweave knits in 2006, now available free here
yarn: fleece artist nova sock, from loopy yarns
needles: size 6 straight bamboos, about ten inches long. by the end there, i was really jamming the sitches together to make them all fit.
modifications: as detailed above, i didn’t make it all the way through the pattern, and ended up binding off after the penultimate chart. you have no idea how happy it makes me to have a legitimate reason to use the word penultimate.

(by far best pic of the actual yarn, with soft pools of pink and peach, grey and blue. really pale, subtle and super duper gorgeous)

we stopped in a small town in the northwestern part of the state and took a little walk about to stretch our legs, when lo and behold, what did we see but a solitary train car, on rails just long enough for it alone, painted bright ridiculously awesome orange:

obviously it was begging for a photo shoot. as was the old train depot:



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