cowl love
tidbits of my day:

very good coffee and a lovely morning with jill in iowa city.

mini road trip back, with a 30 mile 45 minute completely unnecessary detour. (entirely my fault)

quote of the day: “A cast of your skull, sir, until the original is available, would be an ornament to any anthropological museum. It is not my intention to be fulsome, but I confess I covet your skull.” (dr. james mortimer to sherlock holmes from hounds of the baskervilles). ah, good ole nineteenth century obsession with the brain and how the physiology and shape of the skull are supposed to show the nature of a man…

PoPS episode 2 trailer is up. also episode 1 is going to be showing on our local (chicago) PBS, tomorrow night at ten! we are very excited.

also, we got some pictures taken! with that, i introduce (finally!) my button up cowl:

yarn: march hare fingering weight merino semi-solid in the glacier colorway, purchased at fiddlehead yarns in kenosha. i used practically the entire skein. i might have ten yards leftover.
buttons: purchased from vogue fabrics.
needle: size 1 addi turbos, circular.
cabling: just massive amounts. tons. i’m feeling all cabled out at the moment. aw, shucks, will just have to turn to lace or colorwork for a while instead!
start date: cast on sept 1. bound off oct. 20. blocked and buttons sewn on by nov. 10. that is a long slog for me on one project. almost nothing i work on takes that long without some serious hibernation in between bouts of knitting. albeit, for the majority of september i was extremely busy, and was only pulling this out for a row here or there every couple of days.

conclusions: i love this yarn. i’d like to make a pair of socks with it sometime, and the semi-solid quality is perfectly suited to my aesthetic. it is soft as can be, with generous yardage (455 yds). i’m probably buying another skein next time i’m at fiddlehead. you can also find her online shop on etsy. i’m really happy with the buttons i found. i love the combination of the gentle blue-green with the sharp yellow-green.

this pattern is gorgeous, and it was fun. but i’m happy to make a couple of instant gratification projects for the moment before i start in on anything else big.

hanging out with jill is great for many many reasons, but relevant to this blog, they are: i get the knitting stuff done. and then i get pictures taken. i also did a lot of finishing work on:

(here’s me looking like i need more coffee. oh, look! there’s some in my hands!)

these guys just need a blocking, and i bought two gorgeous abalone buttons for them, which need a-fixin, and then they will be done! well before the intended finish date (still about three weeks away)! yay! that almost never happens to me…

well, excuse me but we finished painting the bedroom, and now i just want all of the furniture back where it goes so that i can fall asleep in my own bed tonight, and wake up with everything where it’s supposed to be. ah, creature comforts.