book group was tonight! first one at our place! yay! we read the hound of the baskervilles, and talked sherlock holmes style.

i made my favorite cookies (chocolate chip walnut with sour cream… nom nom nom) and got to use our new electric mixer. it was nice, my biceps weren’t sore from whipping the butter and sugars (i’m such a wimp!). i also got to pull out one of my favorite little doodads:

the amazing/scary/awesome donkey salt/pepper shaker. i don’t have anything dog or detective themed, but this guy kind of looks like a weird dog. i LOVE it, but other people seem put off by the slightly possessed look in his eye, the bling on his teeth, and the amorphous identity of the beast. this creature brings me great joy just by the sheer unlikeliness of his creation.

caitlin also brought over our wedding quilt:

it is awesome, and it has a sheep!

(i will try to take a better picture in better lighting)

next month: if i were you by joan aiken. an awesome out of print book from the 80’s. i really should join in on the amazon reviews list, because there is no good description of this extremely awesome book… brief synopsis found on library thing: As they prepare to leave their English boarding school, Louisa Winship has a dangerous proposal for orphaned Alvey Clement: they look so much alike they could be twins, so why doesn’t Alvey return to Louisa’s home and family, posing as Louisa and freeing her to pursue a forbidden life as a missionary in India? Alvey is intrigued despite herself and accepts, taking her place within Louisa’s family. As she struggles not to reveal her identity, warm-hearted Alvey is drawn deeper into the family’s troubles. Oh, and did I mention Alvey wants to be a novelist and is working on a book called Wicked Lord Love? Just knowing that would have made me want to read this, but the impostor plot really made it a must-read, and I wasn’t disappointed: it’s richly characterized, has a lovely sense of place, and is utterly delightful.