i have this tendency to be drawn to certain categories of things. for example, any time i see white short sleeved lacy blouses, something in me goes ‘ooooh!’ and i desire to own it. i have about four. this is also true of gored/a-line skirts that hit just below the knee and are made of a drapey fabric. i have at least three in heavy rotation during the summer. also chocolate brown v-neck cardigans.

another thing i am drawn to without fail is heathered greys. in almost any form. t-shirts? 3. sweaters? 3. two store bought, one hand knit. toss in a multitude of jeans and corduroys, some graphic t-shirts, and plenty of knit accessories, and you have a pretty good idea of my basic wardrobe.

today i was perusing the thrift store and my eyes and hands immediately gravitated towards a heather grey crewneck pullover. my hands approved. ‘yes, definitely wool,’ they said. and i was sold as soon as the label read: 100% lambswool. mine! all mine! it doesn’t fit, but it will be harvested for yarn…

to go with the collection of heather grey yarns i have already amassed. (some chunky frog tree alpaca, gloriously soft stonehedge shepherds wool, sandnes garn lanett sock weight, my own over spun singles from getting acquainted with my wheel, a random ball of classic elite, and some leftover lions brand wool-ease from the early days of my hand-knitting).

jake and i also have a collection of ampersands (the most recent of which is a playbill style font printing press one). not to mention my collection of dictionaries and copies of pride & prejudice. i’m sure there are many other things i collect, consciously or no, but those are the ones that occur to me at the moment.

what do you collect?

ps- i am cutting my hair on thursday. the length is getting unmanageable in its maintenance. at least four inches are going. but other than that i’m not sure. how short? bangs or no bangs? any thoughts?