ah! back at home. we were listening the bill bryson’s a walk in the woods on the journey home. between the trip and listening to his descriptions of camping, it made me really appreciate coming home. the luxury of our own walls and roof, the computer and warmth and things that are here for our convenience. lurvly, really.

sorry to report that no knitting pictures were accomplished whatsoever. oops! plenty of others were though! brief overview:

1. port washington, 2. birch, 3. tower, 4. willey’s tire shop, 5. hoary ground, 6. clock tower, 7. aino, estella and the older girls, 8. savings bank, 9. the new old underwood, 10. restaurant molding, 11. stool marks, 12. DSC_0306, 13. DSC_0309, 14. at the old place, 15. icy water reflection, 16. Champion School