i had a strange dream last night that jake and i moved to toronto. this morning i got to do one of my favoritest morning things… drink coffee out of one of our mugs and lounge about in my jim-jams as long as i like, dabbling in various knit projects, reading a little, and puttering around the internets and house:


ahhhh. so satisfying. but what isn’t satisfying is that we have not been receiving mail for about a week now. so after i finished my relaxing morning, i put on my veronica mars cap and went out to find out why. after talking to a couple of people, being put on hold/transferred about five times, i got told that they had no idea why we weren’t getting mail, and they had no idea where any of our mail was, but that they would make inquiries. agh! i was frustrated!

less than an hour later, we got our first mail in a week, a lo and behold! the package i was especially excited about was in it! chronographia (blog and ravelry links!) and i indulged in a hat swap, conditions being only that we weren’t to use any pre-published patterns. here’s the hat she made for me:

the colors aren’t quite accurate, but there is only so much i can ask of my camera late at night with absolutely no natural light to help it out…

yay! i also got a lovely card and a mix! thank you, chronographia!