does anyone else have an extremely difficult time photographing deep reds? because i really have issues with dark red yarns, which is unfortunate, as it’s one of my more favorite colors. last week i actually had a couple of days off, with which i accomplished astonishingly little. but i did get ill. i’m getting ahead of myself. this summer i inherited a number of skeins of louisa harding kimono angora. 7 skeins, in this colorway:


this yarn is absolutely fantastically lusciously soft, and i love rubbing my cheek on it. but this colorway? it does nothing for me. absolutely nada. so, presented with some free time, and many things to accomplish, i decided to ignore them and dye this yarn instead!

i overdyed it crimson, and it turned out a gorgeous cherries and garnets kind of deep red, which i cannot for the life of me capture with my camera. this is the closest i got:

(edit! replaced with a better picture, taken *gasp!* outside. amazing that it helps.)

i just need to figure out what i want to do with 875 yards of dk weight angora/wool/touch of nylon blend. any thoughts?