oh, gentle readers, i have a quandary!

remember the dream in color classy (in vino veritas) that i got for christmas?
(it’s these top two dark red skeins right here)
my christmas yarn haul!

well, it’s gorgeous, and i kind of want to make myself something out of it. the problem is… i have two choices, and i don’t know what to do!!!! not exactly the end of the world, but definitely a quandary.

option #1: liesl. my favorite version of this sweater is emily’s liesl drinks some port.

option #2: abalone, a gorgeous vest-y thing whose pattern was just released. i loved this project as soon as i saw it, but there was no pattern, so i stored it in the back of my mind, thinking “someday, perhaps i’ll make something similar”. but then the pattern was released!

i dunno, what do you guys think? which one is the yarn better suited for? and which one shall i go a-hunting for a different yarn for?