do you know those weeks shaped like swirling vortexes? they suck you in and spit you out on the other side, exhausted and bewildered? that was last week. i’m not sure what i did with my daily (approx) 3 hours at home that weren’t sleeping, but i’m fairly sure i was either eating or staring blankly at a wall.

my point? i didn’t finish liesl. no ravelympic medal for me. i’m disappointed in myself… but i bound off the first sleeve too soon and too tight, and the lace is off on the second sleeve, and i have to rip back and figure that out. and frankly, i’m not certain if the liesl is going to be big enough for me. it’s looking really tight right now. i may block it before i finish knitting it. i’d rather waste time doing two blockings, than finish it only to have to rip the whole thing or give it away.

for these reasons, liesl and i are on the outs at the moment. once it was clear there was no way i was finishing by the deadline, i picked up one of my side projects to give liesl and me a little space. and was knitting merrily along on my pidwigeon (malabrigo weave scarf), when i sat on one of the needles and broke it. ugh!! trip to local yarn store imminent to retrieve more 9 (5.5 mms) straights.

wow! i didn’t mean for this to be such a ‘woe betides!’ entry. sorry about that, guys! in good news, my cousin (rav link!) picked up some yarn for me this weekend:

ultra alpaca fine

so i have 3 skeins of this (approx 1300 yds), and i’m thinking… plain and simple? what d’ya think?

of course at this point, i have about four sweaters floating around in my mind, countless accessories, and three projects actively on needles. ah, well.