birthday presents

one of the great things about having friends who share/know about your passion, is that when gift giving time comes, they spring for gorgeous things that are usually just a little out of your own price range.

do you see the shiny-shininess of that yarn? smell the light whiff of the ocean? (it’s understandable if you don’t… i myself haven’t been able to smell for about three days now.) that’s right! handmaiden seasilk! and that beautifully paired paisley with the raw silk? lantern moon needle case!

there have been hints that more yarn may thrown into my willing arms on saturday, too… we shall just have to wait and see.

if only i could knit faster! alack, i have been sick. in the blogosphere, many knitters seem to exploit illness for knitting time. in the course of a flu or headcold, they finish whole sweaters. sadly, i have yet to figure out this talent. my main talent recently seems to be filling waste baskets with kleenex. this, my friends, i am a champion at.

but still i press on with my plain and simple. i am very nearly done with the torso section. then onto sleeves and yoke! i suspect that the collar is going to take nearly as long as the torso… i am really itching to finish something, though. it may be time for a quick refreshing hat.