new storage!

even though their suspended floors give me a headache and a quivery tummy.

it is worth it. no longer is my stash squashed into opaque moving bins, and i don’t have to spread the entirety of it out before i start a new project. 55 inches tall, and 8 drawers now hold the majority of my stash, including handspun and unspun roving. the only stash separated from this are the much larger quantities of the same thing (2 boxes of roving from sheepsies i know, and sweaters worths of yarn).

in knitting news, i have separated front from back in the plain and simple. yay! i also knit a quick hat, and i’m not sure if i like it. i may submit it for your opinion.

i went to go see tamora pierce speak at a library in the area a couple of weeks ago, and since then i have been sneaking in a re-reading of the lioness quartet and reveling in the familiar comfort of it. i’m through the majority of the last book, now, so if you’ll excuse me…