oh, my gosh… another week is gone, ALREADY?!

last night was my first eight hour sleep in… in… blurg, i’m not sure. i still feel like i have a kind of ‘busy weekend’ hangover. the house is very untidy (there are no clean mugs left), but at least there’s clean laundry. only as a result of multi tasking while visiting at the in-laws, though.

i’ve been on set for quite a few hours over the last two weeks. i have a small role in a friends project. there is a good amount of down time on sets, but it’s near impossible to get anything like work done in the down time. fortunately, it is ideal knitting time, and i am so. very. close! to having jake’s lost socks done!

lost socks

this pic is from a few days ago. both socks are now full length, plus ribbing. i just finished doing a tubular bind off on the first one (from this here tutorial) and it looks awesome! then ends and blocking! and a brand new FO! it has been far far too long since i last finished a project.

in fact, i’ve been feeling that for a while, so a couple of weeks ago, i grabbed some scraps of leftover yarn, cast on 90 stitches, and knit up a hat. i finished it in three days, but it has taken until now for me to document it, and get it to the blog. does that give you any idea of what my schedule is like?

bits & bobs hat

my bits & bobs hat (rav link)

needles: US 6’s (4.0 mm) for the 2×1 ribbing. US 8’s (5.0 mm) for the rest.
-queensland collection kathmandu aran (grey tweed leftover from buttoned down)
-kerry woolen mills aran (lighter of the two heathered greens)
-uknown dk weight alpaca blend (darker of the two heathered greens. if i had to guess, i’d say ultra alpaca light)
-dream in color smooshy held double, strange harvest (gold/green. leftover from strange harvest darkside cowl)
-knit picks elegance in redwood (warm brown. leftover from zoe’s browncoat vest)
-queensland collection kathmandu dk (off white tweed from my porom)
-manos del uruguay (beige/pink, leftovers from one of juneberrystar’s old old knits)

bits & bobs hat

i wasn’t entirely happy with the finished product. but it seems ridiculous to frog something that was just meant to be a quick knitting fix made out of scraps, for goodness sake. plus jake really likes it and he has claimed it.