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well, it has finally happened! i got sick of various projects laying about at 95% completion, so i finished one!

FO: pidgwigeon

pigwidgeon! <- rav link!

pattern: malabrigo weave scarf by cocoknits, inspired directly by hers (because it’s so gorgeous!)
yarn: malabrigo merino worsted, 2 skeins, in the pigeon colorway. when i bought this, i thought it was softly variegated like cocoknits. sadly, this is one of their few solid colorways… but it is still quite pretty!
needles: size 9’s (5.5 mm), although this created a denser fabric than i would have liked. but i don’t own many needles over 8’s…

button detail: pidwigeon

i made this for someone who essentially asked for a grey cowl with buttons, so i just knit until i was out of yarn, and sewed on the buttons so it could be a cowl. tada!

pidwigeon finished

now i just need to block it, and hope that the fabric loosens/drapes a little more. unless it changes the look dramatically, this is probably the last you’ll see of it!


in no particular order.

1. bringing home multiple copies of the same book. I’m loving all of this series of the penguin classics. soooo pretty! traditionally, i have at least two copies of all of my favorite classics. the cheap-ass paperback to carry around in my bag, and generally read until it disintegrates, and after some searching and careful consideration, a ‘pretty version’ usually hardcover, to be gently read at home. of pride & prejudice, i have three. down from five. one copy is a gorgeous 1901 leatherbound edition that has fallen apart despite my best efforts…

powder blue and red

2. apparently, i am also guilty of purchasing in a color scheme. ^_^

3. having multiple projects laying around at 95% completion. that’s where pidwigeon is, and this guy down here:


4. starting new projects whilst others languish waiting to be finished.

another duck duck goose

this guy is wreaking havoc on my knuckles. i need wooden needles. especially because of the 100% wool content of the gorgeous gorgeous madelinetosh dk (in port colorway). i am still trying to figure out how to do the decreases in an explicable manner.

hi! er… wow. two and a half weeks, eh? shameful. well, enough about that!

yarntini yarn

i thought it only appropriate to post about this FO on a tuesday ^_^. tonight, we get a new episode of lost. we’re in the final countdown now.

lost socks

i found this yarn a year ago, on etsy at yarntini. the colorway is called 4-8-15-16-23-42. i am a big fan of fan yarn and fan projects. i love to see yarns and patterns inspired books/TV/movies. wandering the moor, netherfield, hermione’s cable hat, and bella’s mittens are the first ones that come to mind, but there are tons of others. tons of them.

railway stitch

lost socks (<-rav project link)
pattern: gentlemans socks in railway stitch, from knitting vintage socks by Nancy Bush
yarn: 4-8-15-16-23-42 yarntini variegated sock, and rio de la plata sock solid in harbor blue for the striping on the toes and heels.
needles: size 2 US (2.75mm)

lost socks

i really only kind of used the pattern. i used the stitch pattern obviously, but the gauge was different in the pattern (light fingering on size 0’s), and i have that thing where-by i don’t know how much yarn it takes to make one sock and i’m scared of running out (one day i will buy an electric scale. one day.), so i went toe up instead, and knit them in turns. i did a twisted 1×1 rib instead of the 2×1 that the pattern called for. and there is no gusset. i did keep the striped heel and toe, although the blue i chose matches so nicely it’s difficult to see the stripes precisely.

they fit jake beautifully, and i think i am slowly wearing down his wool sensitivity (although this yarn is so soft you can hardly tell it’s wool). it’s mostly too warm for these now, but perhaps he’ll wear them tonight, with his lost hoodie!

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