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Maaike Hat

so, i’m in this web-serial… platoon of power squadrom, and we just put up a new episode at the beginning of june. it got a crazy good response, which was super exciting. it has even received some fanart! the first fanart i saw was this, and i loved it. so i decided to make some fan knitting based on fan art. three levels of nerd-dom? more? not sure, but completely awesome.

Maaike Hat

Maaike’s hat:

Yarn: shepherd’s own by fibranatura, one skein brown, one cream. i barely touched the cream one.
Needle: frankly, i don’t recall. Probably 8’s (5mm)?
Pattern: mine… cast on, rib until your absolutely sick of it, knit then decrease. super scientific!

Maaike Hat

i tried for jogless stripes. it mostly worked. you can totally see the seam though.



tornado warning

last night we had a tornado warning. we were passing the evening quietly enough, playing my newest obsession, super paper mario (life is pretty much on hold until i finish it…). during a brief break, we noticed that the sky seemed to be emoting goldeness everywhere in an almost tangible way. it was tres cool.


FO: Kaylee <–rav link

pattern: lace ribbon scarf by veronik avery
yarn: noro silk garden sock in wow! bright (aka S84)
needles: size 5’s


mods: none. except needle size. although, now that it is done and blocked, i think i could have eliminated one of the lace ribbons in width and gotten more length. it’s a little short, as far as scarves go. i never realized how much less yardage silk garden sock has than kureyon sock (over 100 yds less!)


this scarf is for my aunt, who kept ‘borrowing’ my grandpa’s scarf (camel sands). i thought it was time she got her own. last memorial day (as in ’09) she and i happened to be in a yarn store together, and i made her pick out yarn for her scarf. i was expecting her to pick out a quiet soft neutral, similar to the scarf for grandpa george, since she had so obviously enjoyed that. but, no! she went for the mega bright noro silk garden sock!


i’m not complaining, mind you. it is a well studied fact that noro’s color changes make for some addicting knitting. i always just want to keep knitting until the next color change, which makes knitting much faster. plus, a visit to the family farm this year provided me with the perfect amount of down time to knit the majority of this scarf. whee!


p.s. the colors of this scarf remind me of kaylee from firefly/serenity

farmer's market

our local farmers market just started! i wandered for the first time ever and took in the vendors and what they were selling. i was modest in my purchases, though. trying to get only what i have plans for at the moment. i saw some beautiful eggplants, and i wanted to get them, but the fact of the matter is, i don’t know what to do with them. i’d be perfectly content to sit and stare at them… at the dark, lustrous, glossy aubergines… but i’ve never cooked with them.

i perhaps got more lettuce than jake and i con conceivably eat before it wilts, but it’s so pretty! and it was buy one, get one… enough vegetable rapture for now. onto sock/colorwork rapture!

sanquhar socks in progress

i am loving knitting this up! i find colorwork incredibly addicting, and madelinetosh sock is so gorgeous in contrast with the natural white!

we watched the thin man last night. it has been a long time since i last saw it. this isn’t much talked about in the blogs i read, but does anyone else miss the local video store? i loved the local video store. actually, all of them. i loved my main one especially, but to me, the local video stores were like local yarn stores. you go to one for a certain type of thing, and a second for another. just as i go to my closest yarn store for their koigu collection, or malabrigo, but i make special trips for madelinetosh or blue moon. and so i would go to one for their outstanding foreign collection, or another for contemporary indie films. i really dislike blockbuster, and most of the chain video stores. they seem to only have lowest common denominator collections. netflix has fixed that somewhat. i have a selection available again. but i still miss my local video store.

for the long weekend, jake and i went out to the family farm, which was lovely. there was much sitting about in the sun, reading. and walking about the farm in the sun. and driving around in the sun with the windows open to get the lovely breeze. you may not be surprised to learn that as a result of all of this sun, i got a sun burn! my first in years. but i do not repent, the sun was gorgeous. in fact, i was so busy being caught in the moment that i never once pulled out my camera. not at the roadside farmer’s market where i got my first whiff of warm peaches this summer (that may well be one of my favorite scents). not at the old stone church turned stone market, where i met a friendly orange cat. not in the gorgeous wild flower filled hills on the farm. not in picturesque galena… my camera was with me the entire time, adding weight to my purse, and yet… and yet! oh well!

there was no neglect of yarny things. a stop at the fold on the way out left my wallet a little lighter, and my arms heavy with wool!


i found a gorgeous and inspiring sock yarn from kraemer, natural skeins in ‘jeannie’, and the book toe-up socks for every body (rav link to book) by wendy d. johnson. i love so many of the patterns in this book, but the sanquhar pattern just demands to be made first. so i went in search of a contrasting color for jeannie, and found a skein of madelinetosh sock in ‘iris’ at my lys. i am very very excited!

i will start those as soon as i finish up this:

lace ribbon

which should be practically any minute now. i took this picture just over a week ago, and i had maybe ten inches, which i’d kind of been slowly working away at. but the relaxing weekend called for an undemanding knit, and this answered nicely. you are looking at the lace ribbon scarf knit in noro silk garden sock, by the by. and hopefully soon you will looking at it as an FO!

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