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Monthly Archives: July 2010

i’ve been busily obsessed with several things recently.

my current obsession

these books, which were amazing. i strong armed jake into putting his other book down, mid read, to begin these. to my gratification, he sped through them just as quickly as i did. mockingjay, third of this trilogy, will be out in a month. scott pilgrims last installment was released this week, too, and the movie will be coming soon!



this saroyan/baktus mashup has been really fun. i think it’s a good match with noro aurora, one of my pet yarns. i just bound off today, with this much leftover:


i wish this was my leftover yarn from more projects, rather than the partial skeins i’m usually left with. le sigh. oh well, they just fuel my love for colorwork.


the midwest fiber fest was this weekend! hurrah! i work weekends, and have for a long time, so i don’t usually get a chance to go to events like this. this year, i finally had a chance to go!

there was much to see, and much to love. like bunnies:
fuzzy fuzz!

i went in with a budget in mind, and though i easily could have spent four to five times my planned budget, i stuck to it.
midwest fiber fest haul.

from left to right:
sun valley fiber farm, lace in the wine colorway, with about 800 yds.
sunday knits brigadoon, sport in the birch colorway, 245 yds.
knitting notions classic merino supersock, fingering in thyme colorway, about 430 yds.

i got plenty of ideas, from patterns to plans, and for what will get priority next year!

i’ve been suffering through a rough case of cast-on-initus. to assuage my guilt, two quick hats actually reached the finish line. whee!

one spur of the moment:

simon's hat

and one that has been waiting around for almost two years (oh, the shame!):

papa's chapeau

and we bought some cool hooks at various places and times that finally made it onto our wall as a coat rack!

our new coat rack!

now we have a place other than the ‘coat chair’ to put our most frequently used outer layers! hurrah!

details, you say? why, bien sur!

the first hat is simon’s hat (rav link!).

simon's hat

i used the colorwork pattern from the little gems mitts out of interweave knits holiday 2007, and made a wee hat for a wee boy. it blocked out a little bigger than i’d hoped, and now i need to try to shrink it…
yarns: queensland collection kathmadu dk, in a lurvly natural tweed.
and berroco comfort in a deep blue that i quite like.
i’m not quite ecstatic about my decreases, but they will do for the time being. if i decide to make this again, i will try another way of going about the decreases.
needles: 4’s and 6’s.

papa's chapeau

and papa’s got a brand new hat (rav link!).
i used thorpe increases, and intended to do the earflaps.
for some visual interest, i went for some very simple colorwork from a fair isle mittens and gloves book that i have. great for using scraps and bobs of leftover yarn. changed up the color for every repeat. i got to the earflaps and realized that i wouldn’t have enough of the border yarn for the earflaps. i put it away, intending to come up with some kind of solution… and finally realized that a ribbed border would do two years down the line. errrr.
yarns: the oatmeal is some kind of lion’s brand wool.
i don’t believe i ever knew what they pale blue or heathered charcoal yarns were.
the purply-grey is the same malabrigo as sir janks mitts (which also found its way into pink explosion slipper socks).
the gray/black is lorna’s laces sherperd worsted from darkery.
needles: 8’s and 6’s.
finished just in time to send him for his summer birthday!

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