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Monthly Archives: August 2010

FO: mondo neck cozy! from the knit cafe in toronto (rav link)

yarn: 2 skeins of cascade yarns covington in dark grey (wool and acrylic), 1 skein lang alpaca superlight (for a touch of extra warmth), all held together (so, three strands)
needles: size 35’s (20.00 mm), which are massive! i have no idea if i will ever use these again… maybe i will now that i have them, though. right?

no mods. i just knit straight as the pattern said. it’s actually got a wee bit more going on than first appears. as well as the basic garter stitch, there’s some provisional casting on, short row, and grafting action which made this quick and fun, but not boring. i knit this up in one day, and if i’d knit straight, it probably could have been done in a few hours.

(fuzzy humidity halo!)

it’s also really versatile, which is nice. although i doubt the recipient will be using this particular style, but hopefully it will keep david nice and toasty for the toronto winters!

my saroyan/baktus mashup is all done, but i need to take some pictures. plus i have no idea what to call it. saroyan/baktus mashup is a little bland as far as names go. any ideas?


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