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our first wedding anniversary was yesterday. it was most excellent. we had one bottle left from the wine that we bought for our reception. so we opened it yesterday. still yummers.


and here is the hat that torreadora made me! isn’t it beeee-oo-ti-ful? i love her embroidery very very much. mad skills, that’s what she has. thank you! (more pictures on my flickr…)


saroyan/baktus mashup

i tried to photograph this FO at least twice before this set of pictures… the first time, my camera’s battery was completely drained. the second time i got some lovely shots, but the lighting was all wonky and i couldn’t fix it in the computer. natural lighting is always the best choice.

saroyan/baktus mashup


link to this project on ravelry.

i didn’t use a pattern, but it was inspired by the baktus and saroyan. i wanted the gratifying ease of garter stitch, but i wanted just a little more to work with, so i borrowed the gentle shaping of the saroyan and the lace border idea. i had to flip through my second dictionary of knitted stitches to find a good garter-based border, and then i modified it (it was much too wide in its original form). if anyone is interested, let me know.

saroyan/baktus mashup

the yarn is noro aurora, a discontinued noro with just the right amount of sparkle for me. i saw it in a knitting sample at my LYS, and fell in love. they very kindly dug the last three skeins out of the back for me, and i brought them home with me. when i buy yarn, it falls into one of three categories. 1) i have a specific purpose or pattern in mind for it. 2) i fell in love, it needs to be mine, i’ll figure out what to do with it later. 3) etc. this is 2, obviously. they sometimes spend years waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. sometimes it fails, sometimes it wins. while i really like this scarf, i think this is only about an 80% win. but i’m cool with that.

saroyan/baktus mashup

needles: size US 5’s (3.75 mm’s).

also, we randomly started watching bones last night. we are, of course, boreanaz fans, being whedon-addicts. plus analytical minds + crime solving by way of bones? turns out i really like it. and while digging up the link for saroyan just now, i found out that it was inspired by a bones character. hmmm… fascinating.

so despite radio silence over here, the amount of knitting i’ve been doing hasn’t changed. but for whatever reason, no pictures got taken. but a couple of days ago i did a big batch of blocking, and yesterday i corralled jake into taking pictures. we went to a park nearby. yesterday was one of those kind of perfect days that are so scarce as to be almost mythical.

sun flare

as the leaves begin to fall… (rav link)

pattern: my own concoction, with which i am fair happy.
needles: size us 9 (5.5 mm) to cast on, size us 4 (3.5 mm) for ribbing, size us 6 (4 mm) for the body of the hat.
yarn: kumbeshwar technical school banana, bought for me by my aunt. according to ravelry, it is light fingering? but i treated it as a dk, with no issues.
berroco ultra alpaca light in fennel colorway, leftover from princepessa’s anais.


casting on for this in the banana yarn was a bit of a pain. cellulose fibers don’t really have elasticity, like wool does. so in order to be able to pull the hat onto your head, i had to size up to us 9’s, just for the cast on. i switched immediately to 4’s for the first row, an it went smoothly from there. like all of my problem solving, i had to go through about three harder, stupider methods before this simple and straight forward one even occurred to me.

i’m not sure whether i have ever mentioned this, but i almost always use cable cast on for all hats. it provides the firmest, most durable cast on with a fair amount of flexibility, both things you want in hat brims. if you were to join a cable cast on straight into the round, the first row would look like reverse stockinette. there’s nothing wrong with that, but i prefer to knit one row straight and join in the round for the second row to get a slightly cleaner stockinette beginning. then i go into the ribbing. it gives just a tiny little roll at the brim, which i love.

as the autumn leaves begin to fall
i love whatever color my hair is in this picture…

i chose to use to banana yarn because this hat is intended for torreadora (her livejournal, and ravelry), fellow knitter and amazing artist. she lives in a much warmer climate, so i figured i’d stay away from the warmer fibers, which is actually great, as i never had any clue what this banana yarn would be for.


i tried to use a pale green rayon/linen blend for the secondary color (in the effort to keep it a cooler hat), but it didn’t contrast enough with the banana yarn, which is a fairly strong color, considering that it’s off white… but i was fairly sure i wanted a pale green, and the berroco ultra alpaca light was on hand.

mehndi tattoo
mehndi for a friends wedding

i love my stash. any time i want to start a project, i can brainstorm in there. occasionally it’s like my closet, with the ‘there’s nothing to wear in here!!!’ feeling, but for the most part, i find something more interesting and surprising than what i would get if i went to a yarn store. so instead of feeling guilty about my large stash, i am going to celebrate it. hooray!


labor day we were in galena. got a new mug! (see above) and finished a hat. finally, a use for my banana yarn… just needs some blocking.

plus, swatching:


the yarn was on sale at fiber wild in galena. i covet their beautiful colorwork mittens every time i am there.

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