casa loma

time for a backlog FO!

conservatory door

Parrot Fruit!!! <– ravelry project page!

pattern: citron
yarn: handmaiden fine yarn sea silk, colorway masala
needles: size US 6 (4 mm) (is it just me or is practically everything i make on 6’s recently?)

nifty focus

i never would have thought of this pattern, except that knitted bliss did such a pretty version! suddenly, when one of my friends was looking for a project, i recommended citron. then my grandma presented me with a lovely skein of handmaiden seasilk and said that she would love a project made with it, this is what popped to mind!

i like cop glasses

i started this project the night i went to go see suzanne collins read (remember i mentioned how obsessed i was with her books? so good.). it’s a fairly quick knit. but with the price of this yarn i hate to waste even a scrap. which makes the bind off… interesting. i finished this up on the road to toronto, for our honeymoon. it’s a good thing it was the only knit i had in the car, because otherwise who knows how long this would have sat in the corner, ignored out of sheer frustration? i tried binding off for this at least three times, and had to keep pulling back and trying again. i ended up with: knit 2 stitches, knit those two together. knit 1 stitch, slip first stitch over second stitch. knit 1 stitch, knit the two previous stitches together. keeps it stretchy, but minimizes yarn eat-age.

backlit parrot fruit
(i should mention that these pics were taken at Casa Loma in Toronto!)

once in Toronto, we visited with the afore-mentioned knitted bliss and she helped me block it. we also got to go on a yarn crawl Toronto style! i was pretty good. of the four types of yarn i bought, three were Candadian made!

toronto yarns

viola silky dk and tanis fiber arts green label aran weight are both relatively small yarn makers, and their yarns are soooooo prettiful. i also bought some berroco ultra alpaca, and some yarn that immediately got wound and i started a project with… that is languishing in the UFO’s basket…

tis the end of the year! i’ve finished two projects this week (the end of december is always so busy, knitting wise…) and along with those, i have one leftover project that still needs photographing. i’ll catch you up within the week and do my year end post at that time.

one knit that won’t get a photoshoot soon is:
hocus pocus opus spicatum
my hocus pocus opus spicatum, which was gifted before it was photographed. it turned out pretty cute, too…