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i’m kind of in love. yup. it didn’t really happen until after i blocked it, but…

FO: lavendulus marina

i really love this shawl. this yarn feels like what i imagine clouds in heaven feel like.

ravelry project page!
pattern: schieffelin point shawl by kate gagnon osborn
yarn: blue sky alpacas suri merino 2.5 skeins (approx. 410 yds, or 375 m)
needles: size 6 US (4.0 mm) (where on earth are all of my circulars? i swear i own some 7’s, but i can only find like 3 pairs of my circulars)

FO: lavendulus marina

mods: none. the pattern claimed to need more like 480 yards, so i thought i would use almost everything i had (3 skeins). but, no. half a skein left. *pout* ah, well. i realized that i wouldn’t be using up as much as i had thought partway through the lace border, but this yarn does not frog well, so i pressed onward.

FO: lavendulus marina

i like kate gagnon osborn’s style a lot. her herringbone sweater was the first project i ever favorited on ravelry. she’s got a great mix of classic or rustic style with modern lines and twists. and her patterns are always clear and intuitive.

FO: lavendulus marina

i did a nice load of blocking. i don’t know why i can’t just block an item when it’s done, and instead i have to wait until i have a backlog of finished objects before i can bring myself to fill a bowl with some warm water and a little soap. but thems the breaks, so i have a couple new FO’s to show you!


one of the selling points when we chose this apartment was this tiny room, defined as an office in the description. it’s 5’2″ wide and 7’11” deep (um… 158 cm by 241 cm). it has a little closet where i keep my yarn stash (as seen here), and it is home to all of my knitting supplies, our tools, as well as the computer, printer, and anything related to either of our hobbies or jobs that has come home with us. which basically means it was a dumping ground. i will not show you pictures of that particular “before”, because i am just plain too ashamed. you will have to make do with this:


after i had pulled out a couple mountains piles of stuff, to begin the process of changing everything around. it’s still cluttered enough to give you an idea of it.

while i appreciated that we had this room, there is one huge drawback. wood paneling. everywhere. i really dislike paneling. i understand some people like it. they like wood everywhere, and they love the lodge-y feel of a wood paneled room. but that just ain’t my style. if i had my druthers, the room would be white-washed. but, in reality, i do not own this place, i rent it. so for the year and a half that we have been here, i’ve been unhappy about this room. i’ve thought, pondered and contemplated what to do, and nothing felt right. so i have done nothing…

until jake went off to san francisco, and i was bored one evening, surfing through apartment therapy and design sponge to find any house tour that had a wood paneled room, and finally it started to gel for me. since this room is where we dump so much stuff, it needed a lot more storage options. enter ikea, of course, master of affordable and adaptable furniture.


and as far as the wood paneling was concerned, i just stopped fighting it. the room is brown, the desk is brown, why not just embrace it, and make it mostly brownscale? so i bought the 5’x5′ expedit in birch effect, plus a couple of storage options. it isn’t full now, and i’m not going to try to fill it. it will get there on it’s own, i’m sure, as i sort through and re-organize things.

once i’d started this idea of re-doing the study, i wanted it done before jake got home. you know “welcome home, honey! look: we have a new study!” as opposed to “welcome home, honey! wanna help me assemble furniture?!” so i assembled the bookcase, with the help of a friend, in the living room (assembling a 5×5 bookcase in a 5’2″ wide room? sounded like a squeeze to me.). it went together easily enough, and so we stood it up, and slid it into the study, where we then attempted to swing it around to fit it into the corner. are you seeing the problem that occurred? yeah, it got stuck in the swinging portion of that maneuver. the room is 5’2″ wide, except next to the floor, where the baseboard jutted out about 3/4″ on either side. there was a good ten minutes where i wasn’t sure the plan i had hatched for this room would work. at all. ever. because we couldn’t get the bookcase in. but with the help of a second friend, we three girls managed to lift the bookcase above the baseboard and swivel it into place.


other ikea purchases from that trip included a floor lamp, a curtain and a curtain rod. that window faces due west, which means it can get some wicked light in the afternoon. this is lovely, but can also cause glare.

the typewriter was a gift from jake’s grandma, and we love it. my old electric typewriter is getting donated now that we have this one.


the only thing that wouldn’t fit into the expedit is our lovely little printer. so i was really excited when i realized it would fit on this crate, left over from purchasing many bottles of wine for our wedding. this guy is tucked between the desk and the bookcase.

and to give you another view of the room:

i hung that curtain a while ago. it’s an old twin topsheet. it’s mates have been gone a long time, but i always liked the design. i’m not sure it’s going to stay, but i’m also not sure about changing it. i have another panel from the curtain set i used on the window (i thought that two curtains on the window in this small a room might actually add to the claustrophobia, so i kept it simple), but i worry that might get too matchy matchy. plus i found those adorable blue & white magazine holders at ikea, and i thought those might play off of each other. thoughts?

i was really excited when i realized that this change around allowed me to pull a couple of things out of hiding. the folding screen and washboard on top of the expedit have never had good homes, but i love both of them, and ditto for the 3×5 rug that came from my great-grandma!

getting close now...

i’m about halfway through the lace border. is it called a bind off when it’s a perpendicular border? because i can’t help thinking of it like that. but a few more days and this should be done. now is the time i need to start thinking of a project name. i’m afraid i may not use all of my three skeins. it looks like i will still have some of the last skein left. grr. i am not a fan of that if i can avoid it. of course, i’m not so annoyed that i will pull back the entire lace border to add a few more rows of garter. this yarn isn’t great for pulling back and reworking. but it is still the most luscious yarn i have ever felt. i really need to block my eternity cowl, too. i’m hoping mentioning it here will guilt me into doing it.

this shot is taken in the study. or office. a tiny tiny room. about 5’2″ wide and 7’11” deep. while jake took a quick trip over to san francisco last week, i may or may not have given the room a makeover. it might have involved a trip to ikea, some furniture assembly, and digging around in the crawl space for my great grandmothers rug, which here-fore-to has not had a place to live in our apartment. i hope to do a before and after post about it. soon.

i realized with shame that the lumberjacks delight is the only FO i’ve shown you thus far from this year. i’ve finished two other things (though one is an obvious frogger, so i’m not sure you’ll ever see it in its current incarnation), one of which is waiting for it’s ceremonial blocking to be inaugurated as a Finished Object. and i have started ever so many things, and been knitting bits and pieces of others. never ever let it be said that i haven’t been knitting. because that would be heresy. but i certainly haven’t been focused on knitting… where shall we point the finger? love made me do it? young house love? apartment therapy? design sponge? door sixteen? oh, you go ahead and take your pick!

wip! schieffelin point shawl
i actually love the color the wall looks in this picture. in reality it’s more robin’s egg than seaglass, but now i really want to go find a wall paint the color of seaglass…

i’ve been lusting after this yarn for years. two, at least? but with the price tag on these babies, it’s enough to make any cheapskate think twice. but my dad was totally excellent, and bought me three skeins of blue sky alpaca suri merino for christmas. thank you, dad! seriously, though, when stuff like this is on the market, i truly don’t understand some people’s devotion to cashmere. when this lump of garter grows up, it will be a schieffelin point shawl from kate gagnon osborn, whose designs i love. they are the perfect combination of classic and contemperary. i haven’t even finished the first skein, and this pattern should use all three, so… it’ll be a bit.

wip! haven

and that fuzzy blue thing in the foreground of this picture? that’s haven from kim hargreaves. i ALSO love her designs. i frogged a really old knit made up of two skeins of misti alpaca chunky marina melange from years ago… but two skeins ain’t gonna cut it for haven. i might need another skein (or two) and i have absolutely no idea if the marina melange made now will match it’s mates from several years ago. but i cast on anyways…

and the background of that picture? is an easy segue into something else i’ve been working on recently (inspired by the links above).

corner re-vamped.

i did some work on this corner. i’ve been meaning to put that picture into that frame for over a year now, but i knew it would require some trimming, and tweaking of the picture, plus i wanted to paint the frame. but none of these things were getting done with the picture and the frame tucked away in corners. so i still want to tweak it (fill in the white page border and paint the frame. white, i think) but i’m far more likely to now that i’m actually seeing it everyday. all the things crowding on the bench? were each auditioning for the limited positions on the wee corner shelf (for finalists, see above).

the snow was thiiiiiissss high.

this is what our driveway looked like apres storm. yep. my car was, for all intents and purposes, buried. not as bad as what ryan reynolds had to deal with… or bones and hodgins, for that matter. it’s out now, and my muscles aren’t even sore anymore, so let’s turn our focus to my chapeau, instead!

FO: lumberjack's delight

FO: lumberjack’s delight <– ravelry project page!
(i let princepessa do the naming for this one. she has a knack for the non sequitur. previous to this, i did not know how to spell that…)

pattern: my own. re-make of this beauty with a few tweaks.
yarn: leftover fibranatura shepherd’s own, in a rich brown. this yarn as utterly fab. all the words i can think of to describe it don’t make it sound entirely appealing (dry, elastic, crunchy) but it truly is lovely. also, some green handspun that i purchased way back in the day, when i was still stuck on garter. it’s gorgeous stuff, and i probably tried to make three things out of it before i decided to wait until i had some more skillz.
needles: the usual suspects. 6 (4mm) for brim, 8 (5mm) for body.

FO: lumberjack's delight

i had a different idea than this for the shooting of this FO, but i shoved it on for the shoveling, we took the camera to document snowiness. i was about to turn the unbelievably pink color of uber-fair exertion, which takes quite a while to wear off, so… voila! photoshoot.

i got a load of paton’s classic wool as a present, and it has me dreaming of the hollywood herringbone pullover.

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