FO: der waffle hat <– ravelry project page

pattern: wood hollow hat by kristen kapur (throughtheloops)
yarn: lions brand wool ease, in my grandpa’s favorite shade of blue.
needles: size US 6 (4.0mm)

we had fun playing with the shutter speed after a good snow…

i managed to invert the plaited cables somehow. it wasn’t a conscious decision… it was, however, a conscious decision to do one extra repeat of the plaited cable, as the last wood hollow hat i made felt a little short. i find that in general, i like my hats a little larger/longer than patterns tend to call for. i don’t know if my head/hair is bigger than most people, requiring a larger hat, or if i desire for my ears to be covered by a hat more than most people? these are things i do not know.


ugh, knitting two of these in a row wasn't a great idea. this one languished a little as a result, and got finished a little late… but i lusted after this pattern a good long time before i finally purchased it, and i do actually think this is a beautiful gender-neutral hat, so… you know, it happened. i will be making this again, too. just not anytime soon.


oh, yeah, and the name. a play on der waffle haus (of dead like me). and this hat is for my grandpa. he is german (second generation american, but his german grandparents were prevalent in his upbringing) and he makes my favoritest ever waffles. all other waffles pale in comparison. so yup.

next up, actually, are two hats i will be knitting for PoPS supporters. we did a fundraiser on kickstarter to raise money for episode 5, and two people actually pledged to get a handknit hat by yours truly! so today: to the yarn store!

(actually i think i have a stored FO to post about, too…)