the epic saga sweeps on… but not much longer, i hope. so this story begins early in 2009, with a hat made for my now sister-in-law:

estella’s blue lagoon <–ravelry project page for any interested parties.

which was a last minute project before she flew back across the big ol’ puddle to the continent where she lives. i loved the stitch, the texture, and the way it broke up variegated yarn (every knitters non-pooling dream, right?), but given the time crunch, i didn’t really have a chance to figure out an elegant decrease with this stitch pattern.

fast forward to fall. chronographia and i decide to do a hat swap, and she mentions that she enjoyed estella’s blue lagoon. aha! perfect opportunity to smooth out those decreases!

duck duck goose
oooh, misti worsted tonos! so soft! such lovely colors!

which i did. and took copious notes. and asked knitters around me to test knit the pattern as i had written it up. which they kindly did. and out of three knitters, not one of them got their decreases to line up with the way my notes indicated. which definitely indicates that something is wrong with my notes. so i cast on for another duck duck goose:

another duck duck goose
mmmm…. madelinetosh-y…. so prettiful…

which i knit up fairly quickly, and got to the row before i would start the decreases, and then it just sat. just sat there…. for a long time. because i was frustrated about this decreasing business.

but i have had a request for a hat, with specifications for a duck duck goose. so today i pulled out the madelinetosh, girded my loins, and waded into battle with the decreases. and i feel that i came out ahead. i have new notes on a new set of decreases. and i think (i hope!) that they are simpler and easier to understand. i will be testing them out on the newest duck duck goose that i have cast on for.

my question is this: in the case that i can successfully re-create these decreases from my new notes, should i

a) just publish the durn pattern, try and troubleshoot if anyone has issues, and edit it as necessary?


b) try and find another round of test-knitters to do the troubleshooting before i launch my attempts at patterning into the world?

if b, if you would be among the willing, please for the love of nice things, let me know!