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these are the books coming with me:

these are coming with me...

so those are already decided. but my travel knitting, on the other hand, is not. wanna help me make some decisions?

here are some options that have been floating around the top of my thoughts:


Rock Island
(obviously, this pic is property of brooklyntweed with his sweet photographic and woolish skills)
Rock Island Shawl

in either of these:
rock island options
the pinkish one is sun valley fiber farms laceweight or some malabrigo laceweight that i dyed myself.

thoughts on this possibility: the lace will probably require quite a bit of attention, but once i get through that, this is great vacation knitting, lots o’ garter.

(all rights are belong to someone else. berroco or cirilia, not actually sure)
the aidez

cascade eco +

i’ve been wanting to make this sweater since i first saw it, and every incarnation i see only compounds that (knitted bliss’s and geeyouknit’s, eg). thoughts on this project: should be fairly quick, but the yarn is a bit bulky.


handmaiden seasilk

thoughts: lightweight, not terribly stressful knitting. i’ve been wanting to make another, since i made the first one before i was a gigantor Bones fan (and Saroyan fan).

#4 (last one, i promise!)
Shawl  Close
ulmus (photo is throughtheloops’s’s’s’s)

fleece artist nova wool and rio de la plata sock. these work together much more nicely than these pictures suggest. the rio de la plata is a sky/robins egg blue.

i’m bringing some wips along, too, to dutifully finish, but i like having something exciting to look forward to.


oh, my gosh, you guys! two weeks?! i’m so sorry!

i just realized how many single socks are floating around this place…

all the single socks, all the single socks

the garter rib sock. i’m actually already started on this ones mate, so this will probably be a pair first. it’s so bright and cheerful! i’m knitting this to urge spring into place. it’s gotten some good headway. we’ve got crocus and forsythia, but it also snowed today. SNOW! unacceptable. i’ve told myself that if it doesn’t stick to the ground, it doesn’t count…

if you liked it, then you shoulda made a pair!

this nutkin has been waiting around the longest… sad lonely sock… (see that pretty terrarium back there? that was a christmas present… i’m pretty proud that i’ve managed to keep it alive for four months and i’ve only killed one of the cacti. that should give you an idea of how bad my black thumb is. :/ )

i’ll get to it…

sanquhar sock. this is so pretty, and i’m actually really looking forward to making another. i bought this book for this pattern. don’t get me wrong, there are other really pretty patterns in this book, but i saw the pictures for these and i was seized with “OMG! i need to make these! starting NOW!”-itis. that’s a thing, right?

anyways, the reason i was rounding these up is because i am embarking on a journey in a week. and one of my absolute favorite things to do is prepping for a journey. figuring out what knitting and reading is going to come with me. inevitably, when you pack for every possibility and desire, something will get entirely ignored on the journey, but i can never predict which it’s going to be! but i think i’ll bring some sock knitting along, finish up a pair, maybe two.

i’ll be back sooner next time! that’s a promise!

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