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this belt makes me feel like a pirate.


i think it’s because of the gigantic silver buckle. that might be it.


i finally decided to showcase a knit! summer ain’t the best season for it, there’d be tons more if this were any other season. but i decided to break out my saroyan/baktus mashup for today, because it has the perfect fuchsia in it, plus who doesn’t need a little bit of sparkle every now and again?


i love this skirt. it’s starting to fray at the edges. i got this a few months before my wedding, and i wanted to wear it to my rehearsal dinner. i got talked out of that.



today i wore stuff. i totally did. these shoes are the most comfortable of all time. i bought them last fall on clearance, too late in the season to be wearing sandals. so when it got warm enough for sandals this year, i was pretty excited to try them out, and even more delighted with how comfy they are. and now they are currently my most worn shoes in this 30 for 30. hurray!


whew. that last post took a lot of words out of me. let’s see if i have any left for this outfit.


last week i mentioned that when i felt an outfit lacked a little something, i toss a blazer on. another fix-it that i use (perhaps even too often) is the ‘i’ll add a belt!’ solution. (psst- i totally did this on saturday, too)


the scarf was completely unnecessary during the photo session, it was another gorgeous day. but i wore it all day at work, where they blast the AC, so it would be a bit of a lie to show the outfit without it. and i try not to lie too much (full disclosure: i always freshen up my makeup before the it’s photoshoot time…).

i realize now that i never told you guys why i’m doing this. anytime lucky has a remix promised on their cover (or, hey, any fashion magazine, lucky is just my faves), i am so there it’s insane. so when i first saw kendi’s version, i got really excited.

and i like my wardrobe. i own interesting things, and beautiful things. but left to my own devices, i would wear a t-shirt and jeans practically everyday of my life. i need a little… push to put some effort into my appearance; hence the challenge. and not just to get out of my jeans and t-shirt, but also to find a range and variety in my clothes that i rarely even think about.

i’m at the halfway point now. fifteen outfits down, fifteen to go. i got a little worried in the first week, i’m not as worried now. i know i can get fifteen more outfits out of this remix (heck, there’s three pieces i haven’t even worn yet… maybe i should work on that.). and i’ll try to make all of them interesting, or re-wearable. at least, by my own standards.

The halfway point

if i do this again, i would throw in more color. kendi, in particular, is a lot more liberal with color than i am. maybe i should try to get more comfortable mixing colors. my comfort zone tends to be mostly neutral, with a pop of color. also, i am perhaps overusing my fuchsia cardigan… more layers if i do another, as well.

and a big thanks to my man, for being willing to take several dozen photographs of me everyday. and, in fact, any time i need them.



what, what?! outfit #15? halfway done?! whoop! more on that later.


it’s hard to tell the pattern on my tights from these pics, but fyi- they are herringbone.


this is my first ‘little black dress’. i mean, i’ve owned other black dresses before (in fact, i got rid of one in the purge before this 30 for 30… i loved it, but it was a little ‘italian widow’ on me. a look i dig, actually, but it’s more drama than i can live up to on a day to day basis.). i have this problem whilst shopping, where i am drawn to bright colors and flashy objects. then when i am choosing outfits, i tend to pick from a spectrum of muted, neutral, and dark colors. so i am trying to start seeing the muted, neutrals and darks while i am in the stores, too…

paper clip fix

the necklace is a cheap-o forever21 necklace. it broke the third time i wore it. i knew if i set it aside to fix it properly, it would be months and months before i got to wear it again. so i slid it onto a paperclip, and i probably wear it about once a week.

fact: my interwebs is acting extra weird right now.

14/30- rustic buckle

another fact: if i have no idea where an object came from (in this case i am talking about my belt), i assume that it’s thrifted. either that, or regifted from a friend or family member. they basically come out to the same thing, right? i am not the original owner.

fact the third: it was gorgeous today. like perfect. i feel that it is necessary to note these things. we midwesterners get a bit of a reputation for never being satisfied with the weather, so it is extra important to appreciate the weather when it does live up to our near-ridiculous standards. so the cardigan above didn’t last…

14/30- rustic buckle

do you see that spot where i am standing? can you guess where that is?

if you guessed ‘in the middle of a parking lot’, you would be right.

if you guessed ‘the location of eliza’s childhood bedroom/house’, you would also be right.

(dang, you guys are smarticle particle.)

look, here i am on the day that my childhood house was torn down:

that's my house back there
the last wall standing of my old house. our living room was… vibrant, don’t you think?

i still contemplate those bangs occasionally.

14/30- rustic buckle

…now for something completely different!

yarn toss

this is about where i am in jake’s sweater. we actually got a chance to spend an evening watching TV last night (currently working our way through True Blood, Season 3), so i got plenty done. i cast off the bottom edging, and picked up stitches for the collar after taking this picture. goodness me, i might be steeking soon! eeks!


i was gonna call it today, with just these comfy linen pants and a t-shirt, but then i thought i’d class it up a little. still totally comfy, though.


i bought this belt because it was on super sale, and it’s turned into one of my most worn belts.


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