now i get to work on my fashion-y words. kendi suggested that it was good to have an idea of the outfits that you would wear over the course of the week. but by the time i made my picks yesterday and edited the pictures and blogged it, suffice to say that i did not have the energy to try to put together five outfits for this week.

but the nice thing is that this morning, i only had to try a couple of things on to get this outfit. way easier than when i have access to my entire wardrobe.

1-30- first outfit
this jacket actually belonged to my great-aunt. my grandma gave it to me last year. love love love.

one of my goals with this remix was incorporating heels into my everyday wardrobe. i chose two of my more comfortable ones. but i have some great heels (everybody loves a slender ankle!), but i don’t feel comfortable just throwing them on for a day, so i’m going to try to work on that. these peeptoes were worn in celebration of my freshly painted toenails. for the past month, they would have shown off chipped aqua paint. not so today!

the necklace is also j. crew. i have no idea where i got this belt from. probably thrifted, then…

alright. one down, 29 to go. i’ll try to get some more interesting locations in over the course of the 30 outfits.