i know with some girls the worse they feel the more effort they put into looking pretty. not me, no siree bob. i feel awful, then i grab the clothing closest to me and call it good. don’t bother with my contacts, only grab my chapstick because my lips hurt real bad. that was yesterday.

7:30 Monday Meh

i feel a little better today. not all the way better, but better none the less.

7:30 Monday Meh

7:30 Monday Meh

enough outfit shots, hopefully you’ll get something more interesting or inspired later. whenever i feel like my outfit is lame and needs a little polish, i toss on this blazer.


one of the bushes along our walk is blooming right now. i don’t remember it being this pretty last year, but i guess it must have been.

the beast plugs along

in knitting news, i’ve finished both sleeves for jake’s sweater, and seamed them! i think this is my best seaming to date, so i got all proud and documented it.