i don’t want to alarm anyone… but i actually ironed for my outfit today. i don’t know that you can really tell, because i do my full work day before these pictures are taken. but you’ll have to take my word for it. this blouse in particular looks terrible if it isn’t ironed.


i’m also feeling a bit better, obviously. i don’t mean to be repeating key elements of my outfits. i realized yesterday was grey shirt, jeans, and blazer (same as last monday), and today is my khaki cords and fuchsia* cardi (same as tuesday). so no skirt and striped shirt tomorrow… and pardon the hyper abundance of parentheticals present.


although, for the record, the look i wanted for today was this. but do you ever have that thing where you try to recreate an outfit, and all of your elements should work, but then when you put it together, they just don’t? ugh. it’s annoying.

i remembered after the photo editing where i got the necklace from. it’s from a dollar bin at michael’s arts & crafts. i keep seeing people wearing awesome huge statement necklaces all around the interwebs, and i’m starting to get a bit jealous. but before i go satisfy my cravings with something ridiculous and cheap, i thought i’d check my own stock of ridiculous and cheap. we’ll see what shows up next.

now i have a question for y’all… there are two small issues with my 30 for 30 picks. and you get to decide how i deal with this.

one: my sweet minnetonka moccasins? they are broken. the laces, specifically. not so outfit friendly. i forgot about this in the excitement of making my picks, and only remembered when i tried wearing them for an outfit. so. can i substitute them out for my j. crew tall boots?


two: i under-prepared for being cool at work. and considering that the majority of my outfits get worn to work, the rotation of my outer layers is getting stale. i had one pick that hasn’t gotten worn yet due to the fact that it isn’t warm enough (plus, i got a lot of grey tops…). so. can i substitute out my wee lacy grey cardigan for a slightly better suited j. crew motorcycle sweater?


ooh, look, i got all fancy and made a poll!

* (gor, i just had to spell that three times to get it right)