jake won’t be home til later tonight, so i have to figure out some non-lame way to get some pictures of my outfit. hmmm. also, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes giving me the stink-eye (fortunately, in a non-smelly way). but i’m ignoring those responsibilities for now. it’s much more important for me to sit on the couch, contemplate taking a cat nap, and telling you’se guys about some stuff.

i think it’s about time for some more knitting related stuff, don’t you?

so i’m still working on jake’s sweater (one more stripe and then it’s the ribbing at the bottom edge!), but recently i decided to pull this out of hibernation:

something mysterious

the problem with this project is that i am attempting to re-create a sweater i saw at urban outfitters, and without any idea what the finished product looks like, you have no idea what you’re looking at. so. this is the source material:

front view cable shrug

can you kind of see it now? i spent hours drawing it out on graph paper to try and figure it out, and jake looked over at the jumble of math and symbols and drawings and asked if i was inventing something. i’m making it in cheap second hand acrylic, and i sure hope there’s enough, because i have no clue how i would ever find more…

now, not only am i not sure what type of clothing this is (cardigan? vest? shrug?), but i also don’t know what to call it. maybe framboise? my tastes seem to be running in the raspberry direction lately.