i realize now that i never told you guys why i’m doing this. anytime lucky has a remix promised on their cover (or, hey, any fashion magazine, lucky is just my faves), i am so there it’s insane. so when i first saw kendi’s version, i got really excited.

and i like my wardrobe. i own interesting things, and beautiful things. but left to my own devices, i would wear a t-shirt and jeans practically everyday of my life. i need a little… push to put some effort into my appearance; hence the challenge. and not just to get out of my jeans and t-shirt, but also to find a range and variety in my clothes that i rarely even think about.

i’m at the halfway point now. fifteen outfits down, fifteen to go. i got a little worried in the first week, i’m not as worried now. i know i can get fifteen more outfits out of this remix (heck, there’s three pieces i haven’t even worn yet… maybe i should work on that.). and i’ll try to make all of them interesting, or re-wearable. at least, by my own standards.

The halfway point

if i do this again, i would throw in more color. kendi, in particular, is a lot more liberal with color than i am. maybe i should try to get more comfortable mixing colors. my comfort zone tends to be mostly neutral, with a pop of color. also, i am perhaps overusing my fuchsia cardigan… more layers if i do another, as well.

and a big thanks to my man, for being willing to take several dozen photographs of me everyday. and, in fact, any time i need them.