i’m not really a makeup wearer. i was once (unknowingly) described to myself as ‘the girl with curly hair who wasn’t wearing makeup’. so today i reached the end of my favorite brown eyeliner, and that was definitely a first. between working on a webseries, and having pictures taken of me on a regular basis, i wear makeup enough that i actually reached the end of something!


so, this was my inspiration for todays outfit (you see it, right?). my hair was out of control today. calm down, hair! my hair is a difficult beast, and lately i have been eying the pixie cut that is making a comeback with envy. i doubt i will do it, but i have to think about it occasionally. i could probably tame my hair more, but it takes a real time commitment to convince my hair to do anything.


this necklace was my great-grandma’s. it’s costume, but it’s pretty, and surprisingly contemporary. here’s jake clicking his heels:

jake is jumping for joy

i tried to do this, but it didn’t work quite as well in heeled boots. go figure.

and in knitting news:

urban bolero

thanks to jill and hi to chris:

urban bolero

it’s coming along. i have no idea how this is going to end up, but i’m enjoying the process.

coming soon:
-a new FO
-9 more outfits
-some thrify finds!

but for real, don’t we think this is enough for one day?