i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned this here, but i recently became OBSESSED with the brick house. the pictures are beautiful, i find morgan hilarious, and her taste is excellent, from really well curated rooms, to ridiculous and amazing thrift store paintings. i may or may not have read through every single one of her posts, from the beginning.

anywho, one of her blog features is thrifty! where she details various thrift store finds, most of which make me wish i didn’t live in a thrift store desert. there is one store close-ish to me that i peak my head into every now and again. and last time i did, i found something!

folding chairs!
i am not sure why all of our recently acquired seating is yellow…

some gorgeous mustard seated leg-o-matics!

thank you Betty N! or less likely, Betty Z.

look at these awesome way-better-than-normal folding chairs! they look so much better, and fold up so much smaller! i’ve been looking for a good solution to extra seating in the study, because people tend to want to watch things on the computer, but goodness knows it is tiny in there, so space conservation is a must! i was originally looking for stacking stools that i know ikea used to have, but i haven’t seen them on my last several stops. so when i saw these beauties at $5 a pop, i thought ‘heck, yeah!’ and then bought them.

in other news:

urban bolero
look at that smile. all gums. i was so excited with how well it turned out.

this guy is super-duper close to being done. i think a blocking will make it look better. but i bought buttons on saturday, and sewed in all of the ends, and went to extra mile to do a 2×2 tubular bind off. i have only had an inkling of what the finished product would look like the entire time i’ve been knitting it, so when i tried it on after sewing on the buttons, i was pretty dang excited and forced jake to take pre-FO pictures. and now i’m forcing them on you! bwahaha!

urban bolero

er, yeah. sorry about that!