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daily duds-checkmate

i got access to one of my favorite clothing sources recently! namely, lennie’s closet. i love it when she weeds out her closet. we used to live together, and it was awesome living with someone who is the same size as me and has better taste in clothes (and is liberal about lending stuff). the dress is a little short, though, so… leggings.

i’ve been loving what would a nerd wear recently. she linked to this article about ethical buying and fashion recently, and it got me to thinking… it’s a difficult thought vortex for me, where i start with ‘even if i can get the guarantee that the people making the clothing are getting minimum-wage, what about the people who made the fabric? where was the cotton farmed? what dyes were used?’ and then i start thinking about cotton farming and what a double edged blade it is… and i got myself into a bit of a funk.

i wonder what my options are to support practices i actually believe in and not break the bank. the problem is that this is a question i absolutely have no answer to. any thoughts out there?


i’ve been painting the bathroom and thinking about our towels. right now we have mismatched, super old towels that don’t go with each other or the new color of the bathroom. so i’ve been daydreaming about new towels, and what colors would suit the new wall color:



bright pink

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

raspberry and tomato-red






apple or lemongrass green


royal or midnight blue


black and white


calicos… but they go with everything…

so the question becomes: what doesn’t go with turquoise? of course i already have the answer: our current towels.

which is your favorite?

as summer is starting to wind down…


i worked on something that i’ve been planning for a while.


mums are easy to keep alive, right? i’ll give it a try!


nommy nom noms.


i need to get these re-soled. has anyone done that before? how much does it usually cost?


the only kerchief i own is the same color i’m painting the bathroom.


and a quick shawlette is getting knit up! (the scarf is done, and awaiting pictures…)

maybe i shouldn’t be making that reference as i haven’t read any willa cather? but i want to. so that’s gotta count for something, right?

anyways, today’s outfit inspiration:

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

this beauty has been going around pinterest like gangbusters (that’s a thing people still say, right?). and, may i ask why i don’t have any grey skirts? it’s totally my favorite neutral! and occasionally it’s my favorite color, too!

oh, but there’s a problem here… i don’t own any maxi skirts… but thanks to my over-priced local thrift store (what is that about?) i do own a maxi dress! so i thought i’d be clever and wear it as a maxi skirt:

well, i’m certainly not as lithe and willow-y as my inspiration…

blouse j. crew
belt forever21
maxi dress thrifted
boots j. crew

the neckline is a bit tighter than the waistline… i hope i don’t stretch it too much. slash i hope my waist will forgive me for pinching it thusly.

anyways, i feel like a pioneer. that was the point of this. either a pioneer or a worker at the triangle shirt waist factory. anyways, i definitely feel like a piece of american melodrama.

that and perhaps this maxi dress came home with me to become a maxi skirt? do we smell a reconstruction coming on?


i was complaining to myself in an inner monologue that i don’t get enough of my own knits out. too many of them languish… so i grabbed my goldf(ishbel)!


chambray button down (a la harry potter and jane goodall) j. crew
big brown belt (which is currently my favorite accessory) forever21
turquoise colored plastic bracelets one from plato’s closet and one made for me by my cousin, patchen
white skirt (that makes me feel like a nurse) lands end
brown moto-boots gifted from lennie

and because we all know i am a giant child:

ps- there is currently no clear winner for my poll… go vote if you haven’t already!

FO: toast at the seaside

whee! finished. we took a mini road trip this weekend, and on the way back we exited into a town we have stopped at previously, but without realizing that we were taking the other exit. so we drove through the town in order to get to the section we were familiar with and then ultimately back to the highway. but we saw some cool things driving through michigan city, indiana. like this building:



it was opportunely timed, as i had just finished sewing all of the ends in on my second toast.

FO: toast at the seaside

FO: toast at the seaside

pattern: a mashup of toast and ships & seaside
yarn: rowan kid classic (leftovers from my rain on bricks cowl) in charcoal, grey, burgundy and natural (maybe 1/3 of a skein-or 50 yds-of the charcoal and natural, and 1/10 of a skein-or 20 yds-of the burgundy and grey)
needles: US size 8 (5mm)

FO: toast at the seaside

mods: well, a few actually. so i used a modified stripe sequence based on the ships & seaside pattern that i had already knit up using the same yarn. i cut all of the numbers and stripes approximately in half.

FO: toast at the seaside

i also made them reversible. when the white side is facing down, they are arm warmers. when they grey side is facing down, they are fingerless mitts. i knit several rows flat to create a little gap in the fabric, so that the thumb hole would be unobtrusive and not interrupt their function as arm warmers.

FO: toast at the seaside

the good news is: i like these quite a bit. i can see them getting a lot of use. i’m not sure how well they will wear, but i doubt i will be wearing them for any manual labor. more likely these will be driving mitts and keeping me warm at work mitts.

FO: toast at the seaside
i swear i didn’t have my eyes closed in all the pictures. just the ones that were good of the mitts…

the bad news: this didn’t get rid of the kid classic. i still have a little bit left. but it can take another break while i figure out what to use it for…

one of my good friends has undertaken stash-busting, and is doing it in a really cool way (i think!). she is in a very transitional place right now, so a lot of her possessions are in storage. so! she has begun the process of stash-busting by taking out one bin of yarn from storage, and knitting what she can with what is in it.

how great is that? some of the coolest things are born of limitations!

there’s no real way for me to replicate those same types of limitations (unless you guys can think of one? but my stash storage means that i have pretty easy access to most of it at once), but i would love to support her endeavor in stash busting… so i am!

what i got:

2 skeins misti alpaca chunky in marina melange. approx 216 yds.

i could make:

gap-tastic cowl


state street cowl.

what do you think? tell it to me straight.

EDIT: poll closed as of September 6. as of 9/6, gap-tastic cowl won (15 to 14). thanks for voting! FO soon!

or if you have a better idea, tell me in the comments!

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