the day of the royal wedding, grandma and i took a day trip to dresden. the whole trip was full of gorgeous days, and this was no exception. our tour guides for the day were barbel and dietlif. there was some excellent graffiti in dresden.

graffiti in dresden

we found the yarn shop first, in the ‘new quarter'(not so new anymore), but it was twenty minutes before it opened. so we wandered down the street to a coffee shop. i asked dietlif to order me an iced vanilla latte. what i got was one of the best surprises/mistranslations of all time. i received an iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. an iced coffee float, if you will. i will dream of this drink for a very long time. i was too busy enjoying it to take a picture.

derelict building
more graffiti on an abandoned building

when we wandered back, nach strick und faden had opened. it was a lovely yarn shop, and thankfully the proprietress spoke beautiful english. i fawned, and picked up practically everything.

nach strick und faden

nach strick und faden

i don’t speak german, but the rough translation of ‘nach strick und faden’ is ‘after string and yarn’…

manos serena

i fawned over manos serena (this was my first encounter) and ended up coming home with 3 skeins (thank you, barbel!).


lopi isn’t available around here. it might be one of those brands like jameson’s shetland, where the occasional yarn store has it, but not most of them. my first lys was run single handedly by an older lady, who retired and closed up shop before i developed my current appreciation of wool. she had an entire wall of jameson’s shetland, and i loved all of the colors, but i thought it was way too scratchy. now, of course, i wish i had such easy access to such a range of colors made for colorwork… all that gorgeous heathering…

here are some pictures of the ‘old quarter’ from the rest of our day in dresden: