i am far from a movie snob. i watch movies for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes whether or not it’s good is really really far down the list. in the case of catherine hardwicke, the reason i watch is primarily art direction.

so while watching red riding hood, i saw, and became slightly obsessed with, this shawl:

it reminds me of one i modeled for a friend: juneberrystar’s ‘sometime before midnight’, which i fell in love with. there are other shawls in this movie that are only slight variations on the same pattern, but this lovely old gold uber-fringed one has me wanting to go to a yarn store and buy up several skeins of malabrigo/manos del uruguay/madelinetosh or other similarly kettle dyed yarn and cast on immediately.

jake wrote a review, from which i will steal one line: “it seems that their village’s accepted mode of dancing combines 19th century ballroom dance with patty cake and lap dancing”.

’nuff said.