sometimes i am interwebs-dumb! how long has pinterest had that lovely, easy ’embed’ button next to the pin? while i’m on the subject of being interwebs-dumb, what is the deal with tumblr? i don’t understand why it’s such a big deal? derrr…..

okay, that marks the end of me feeling stupid for this post, and the beginning of a whole lot more pin-sharing on the blog! wheeeee!

so as many of you may know, i love interior & diy & decorating blogs (the brick house, door sixteen, manhattan nest and young house love are my favorites. i did that list alphabetically because if someone was a meanie and asked me to try to rank them, i would cry and avoid answering. because i can’t do it.).

anyways, by reading them, i have been inspired to do many many things around the house. but i don’t usually post about them, because they will be tiny things leading towards an overall idea (like buying a bedskirt because the bottom of our bed ain’t real pretty like the rest of it-doing a blog post about that would make me feel silly. which i am. but, you know…). and i have done some sharing (office, anyone?).

last november i got really inspired to make better use of our living room space. so i took ‘before’ pictures, and did a massive rearrange. but there was a long list of minor tweaks i wanted to make before i took ‘after’ pictures. i looked around the living room recently and i realized that it’s almost done. maybe it’s time to take some after pictures and just keep you guys up to date as i make adjustments?

but, anyways, the whole point of this post is that i just saw this:

manhattan nest (though he now lives in brooklyn) just made an ikea frack hack (also, battlestar galactica sidenote: those are seriously named frack? hahaha!), and I LOVE IT. i want to make them like yesterday and spend all day in bed, turning the lights on and off and swiveling them around… that went to a weird place, my apologies…

but i need to finish up the bathroom re-do first…

(ps! all pictures in this post are the natural property of manhattan nest)