daily duds-checkmate

i got access to one of my favorite clothing sources recently! namely, lennie’s closet. i love it when she weeds out her closet. we used to live together, and it was awesome living with someone who is the same size as me and has better taste in clothes (and is liberal about lending stuff). the dress is a little short, though, so… leggings.

i’ve been loving what would a nerd wear recently. she linked to this article about ethical buying and fashion recently, and it got me to thinking… it’s a difficult thought vortex for me, where i start with ‘even if i can get the guarantee that the people making the clothing are getting minimum-wage, what about the people who made the fabric? where was the cotton farmed? what dyes were used?’ and then i start thinking about cotton farming and what a double edged blade it is… and i got myself into a bit of a funk.

i wonder what my options are to support practices i actually believe in and not break the bank. the problem is that this is a question i absolutely have no answer to. any thoughts out there?