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classmates, top to bottom: hat my grandpa’s! he was getting rid of it after i got him a new one for christmas a few years ago, so i took it. unintended by-product, but totally awesome none the less – cowl i totally made that! – blazer ann taylor – sweater ann taylor
classmates not shown, but totally present: t shirt target – jeans black rit overdyed guess jeans – silver loafers gap

My creation



FO: waldo sr <– ravelry project page

pattern: my own
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca in heather grey and burgundy
needles: US 6 and US 8 (4 & 5 mm)

up in the air

several months ago, we raised funds for PoPS (we just hit 35,000 subscribers! yay!), so that we could really bring the show to the next level, production wise. it totally worked! but part of the fundraiser was gifts for the various levels of pledges. i was commissioned to knit custom hats at one of those levels. you’ve already seen one of them (grey goose). this is the other (the recipient wanted to be surprised, so i waited to post this until it was confirmed that he had received it).


big, fluffy pom pom. i’m gonna be real with you guys, i had some help with the pom pom. my pom poms aren’t great, unless supervised by someone who does make good pom poms.

what a lovely day!


introducing the 30th item! there was some rummaging at a sale this weekend, and i rectified the grey skirt situation. honestly, the jean skirt that i had picked is a half size too small. you probably won’t see it again… after the 30 for 30, it’s getting donated.


coffee with jillie.


knitting in progress.


the sky was so cool.


19 plaidtastic

it was quite dark when we got pictures… it’s practically sunset by the time i get home these days.

it’s also getting quite cool… and it is making me want to cook! comfort food, specifically. i made meatloaf yesterday (from this recipe), and it was AWESOME! tonight, apple crisp!

the only thing that saved this oufit was my zesty scarf… i think it’s time to pull out my wild card… and pick a 30th item.

i did it!!!


i steeked jake’s sweater!


i’m making a push to finish this before it gets cold.


i used eunny jang‘s tutorial, and a crochet steek. i didn’t do things ideally, so… let’s hope i don’t find out the hard way that i did it allllllll wrong!

My creation

next up! (for this sweater)
-button bands
-after thought pockets, if i’m feeling adventurous (there certainly is enough yarn left.)

second anniversary. awesome.

My creation
(i’m sorry your head keeps getting cut off in this mosaic, love… i should really learn how to make my own so i can control things like that)

1 ) our first anniversary
2 ) sneaky dee’s in toronto, visiting friends + honeymooning
3 ) casa loma in toronto, visiting friends + honeymooning
4 ) niagara falls, straight up honeymooning
5 ) niagara falls, honeymooning
6 ) thanksgiving in the U.P.
7 ) six flags
8 ) six flags
9 ) taking the train to scott pilgrim
10 ) a friend’s wedding
11 ) still a friend’s wedding
12 ) early anniversary celebration

this year was excellent. i love that i get to spend my life with you.

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