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happy halloween, guys!

it’s one of the favorite holidays in this household!

after zombie week, we were looking for more movies that meet both our requirements. jake’s requirement: spooky/scary. my requirement: not tooooooo spooky/scary. what we ended up finding:

vincent price! i’d never seen any of his movies before. but they fit the bill just perfectly. a little campy, a little eerie, a touch spooky, and very very fun. we’ve probably watched three or four vincent price movies now.

also new to me this year: the lost boys.

i was surprised by how much i loved the lost boys. it has a distinctly ’80’s feel of kids adventure that a lot of contemporary movies lack. (with the notable exception of super 8. does it count when it is so heavily emulating those movies?) i was also surprised by how easily the boardwalk in 1987 could been from 2011. subtract a couple of fanny packs, and thin out the number of crop tops, and they could be interchangeable. and i was very pleased with kiefer sutherlands take on the creepy and charismatic vamp. robbie-boy could’ve taken some notes.

there was very little knitting to be found in these movies, so i couldn’t exactly do a daydream knitting post. but there was an awesome dramatic gown in house on haunted hill, and some fabulous sunglasses in the lost boys!


i hope i’m not getting a cold. i’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop the last couple of days. it might also be because i’ve been unraveling one of these bad boys. the front and back are done, but the sleeves still remain. i’m leaving those alone for a little bit while i figure out whether i’m sick or just extra allergic to unraveling thrift store sweaters.


pretty, though, eh? i’m going to wash it all once it’s unraveled…

i got a little obsessed with this pin:


so obsessed that i even contemplated learning crochet for one hot second! so pretty! oh, why did my freckles go away when i grew up? no fair! i love the high contrast of the great punchy bright color with the gentle neutral. so i went shopping in my odds and ends and found these:


did a brief search through a stitch dictionary for an awesome textured stitch that sorta kinda shared some characteristics with crochet, and practically without ever realizing it, i had cast on:


whoops, what is this? how did i manage to cast on for this?

thanks for your thoughts, guys! i’ll be spending today and tomorrow (my days off) working on some pinterest inspired projects! whatever happens, i will share it with you!

very soon i will begin digging through my crafting supplies and working, but for just a little while longer, i will enjoy drinking my coffee and huddling under my favorite navajo blanket (well, it’s my only navajo blanket. but also my favorite.) and doing a bit of knitting. i adore slow quiet mornings.


how do you like to spend your mornings on your days off?

so… as y’all may or may not know, it’s time for the second seasonal pinterest challenge. sherry of young house love instigated and participated in the summer edition… i don’t remember what i was doing, but it weren’t that. i was probably busy with something else. either that or i was lazy. probably lazy. it’s usually that.

for those of you unfamiliar with the pinterest challenge, it basically goes like this: you have one week to turn one of your pin shaped daydreams into a full blown reality. the due date is next wednesday. and for the fall edition… well, it’s not like my schedule is wiiiiide open, but i should be able to get something done!

but the question remains: what, oh what, should i do?

thoughts bouncing around in the ol’ noggin:

-a week of outfits wrested directly from pins on my ‘stylistically speaking’ pinboard?


-oh my mighty gorsh, the two months til christmas marker just passed yesterday! so i should maybe start thinking about whipping some of my diy christmas presents into a frenzy? i mean, into action?


-i’ve got lots of upcycling fashion / sewing diys pinned, and a fairly sizable pile of clothing waiting for tweaks before they can be fully incorporated into daily wear… maybe it’s time for some of these to see the sewing machine?


-practically anything from my ‘i can do it myself’ pinboard would qualify.


these are just some thoughts i’m having… you guys got any opinions to throw in the pot over here? i’ve got ears, i’m totally set to listen.

















just try and stop me from wearing my new mustard colored shoes, i dare you! it can’t be done! in part because soon it will get rainy, and i won’t be able to wear them anymore, so i am trying to squeeze maximum enjoyment out of them in the meantime.

DSC_2828 DSC_2831

you’ve seen this cowl before! it’s on ravelry here and blogged here!

other things that are happening:

regina cable and bobble mittens-in progress

i cast on for my regina cable and bobble mittens earlier this week. it was a bit rough in the getting going, partially because i was trying to watch zombie movies simultaneously, and the cable and bobble pattern is all written out. which meant i couldn’t just briefly glance at the pattern to see what happened next, but i had to search it out. since most of my knitting is done with some kind of viewing happening simultaneously, i ended up charting out the pattern for my own ease. and now it’s flying along just fine!

penne with chicken thighs

just finished up the last of this: penne with chicken thighs a la pioneer woman (with “THE BREAD” at the side of the plate there). now i’ve been around the internet enough to have heard of pioneer woman, but this was my first exposure to her. and it will not be my last. this recipe was amazing delicious, easy to follow and make, and HUGE. three meals it gave us. and they weren’t no pansy sized meals, either.

lately, i’ve been dreaming of using maps to wallpaper a room….

(plus i always love those vertical bookcases.)

or just a wall.

now i just need to pick a wall… and amass some maps.

(both pictures found on pinterest. first one from here, second one… doesn’t seem to have an origin. if anyone knows, let me know, and i will give credit where credit is due!)

wow, i’m totally participating in FO fridays! i never get to do that! whoo!


FO: julie’s chapeau
pattern: marigold hat
yarn: tahki yarn donegal tweed, just under a skein
needles: US 6 (4mm) and US 8 (5mm)


i’ve made this hat before. see? anyways, it was fairly popular on ravelry, but i didn’t take good enough notes to help all the people who were asking me questions. julie was one of the admirers of the original.


so i knit up another marigold, with as close to the same modifications as i could, and gave it to julie when she came to visit last month. as an added bonus, this means that i got FO shots taken by G, with julie as a model! he does all of julie’s picture taking, and i think we can all agree that he does an exemplary job. thanks, G!


so, without further ado, a list of modifications:
-i cast on the number of stitches for the small hat
-i knit the brim flat
-i did two short rows at the front of the hat to set it back a little
-i added a three stitch button hole for the large button (though, frankly, a two stitch button hole would’ve been just fine)
-i added a little shaping to round off the edge of the button band (increase every row until the button hole, decrease every row until the band is done)
-i increased to the number of stitches for the large hat, and switched to US size 8 needles
-i knit the lace pattern for three repeats
-then closed it up per the pattern.
-wet blocked it over a plate to encourage slouchy qualities.
-i sewed the edge of the brim down just past the buttonhole so that it wouldn’t gap.

julie's chapeau

and voila! hat!

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