i am rounding the corner to finish up the avery cowl… so, next up in the choose your own adventure de-stashing: colinette jitterbug in velvet plum! it does not have particularly generous yardage (at 320 yds), so this will be a small project.

(please forgive the terrible out of focus ancient picture. but it still tells you everything you need to know: pretty, deep purple yarn)

-these gorgeous brooklyntweed green autumn mittens as knit by saccade in a very similar yarn.

part of me says ‘but someone has already made them in almost the same yarn. what’s the point in knitting that?’ and then another part of me says ‘yeah, but look how great they turned out! straight up rip them off, girl!’

regina cable and bobble modified mittens a la cocoknits

i feel like this pattern would respond really well to being knit up in a semi-solid yarn. ps- i love everything that cocoknits makes. she has a way of making grey look like the best color ever.

skinner hat by the indomitable knittingschooldropout

pretty hat, by (obvo) one of my favorite designers.

the polls will close in one week. next sunday, around-abouts midnight. let the races begin!

EDIT: skinner hat, you fought the good fight. regina cable and bobble mitts-turned-mittens, you win the good fight! let the knitting commence!