whoop, five to go! i still have way more than enough outfits in mind. more than should justify the number of bland outfits i’ve worn, but what can i say? the reality of my life is that i get lazy dressing. and that’s why i do the 30 for 30! to try to break out of it. sometimes it works, other times less so.

sunnies f21 – blazer thrifted ann taylor – scarf j. crew – belt f21 – tshirt target- cords j. crew – shoes gifted willis

today was gorgeous. like ‘wish it was something tangible that i could roll around in’. like ‘bottle it up and save it’. like ‘if this were a skin product, it’d be made of diamonds’ kind of gorgeous.

i really wanted to go down to the lake, but it was getting too late, and i didn’t have time. i have tomorrow off, so i promised myself i can go down to the lake to take pictures there tomorrow. if i let myself down tomorrow, i will totally pout.


i went on a bit of a spender (get it? spend+bender=spender?! i came up with that, right?) at forever 21 this week. by which i mean, i spent more than $20 in one store. you remember how i keep saying i’m a cheapskate? proof is in the pudding. the money pudding. wait. what?