it’s zombie week at this casa! something we’ve been thinking about doing for several months, and finally just decided to go for it.

monday was dawn of the dead.

tuesday was planet terror.

wednesday is shaun of the dead.

thursday is zombieland.

friday is the original night of the living dead.

this is what we did while watching dawn of the dead:

from left: jake’s, jill’s and mine. (i stole the picture from jill as well)

last night i started my mittens! we’ll see how quickly i get through them with all of this viewing.

tonights plans (simultaneous to viewing) include:


i’m very excited!

i’ve been cooking a lot recently (i think it has to do with the weather turning colder. i desire hot homemade meals. and therefore have no choice but to make them. well, i guess i could go over to my grandparents every single night for dinner… maybe i should start doing that instead) and i’ve been trying to take pictures. it turns out: i don’t really know how to take pictures of food. or anything, really. i kind of know how to take pictures of knits. sometimes. anyways, i might be sharing my subpar pictures with you anyways. how do you feel about that?