wow, i’m totally participating in FO fridays! i never get to do that! whoo!


FO: julie’s chapeau
pattern: marigold hat
yarn: tahki yarn donegal tweed, just under a skein
needles: US 6 (4mm) and US 8 (5mm)


i’ve made this hat before. see? anyways, it was fairly popular on ravelry, but i didn’t take good enough notes to help all the people who were asking me questions. julie was one of the admirers of the original.


so i knit up another marigold, with as close to the same modifications as i could, and gave it to julie when she came to visit last month. as an added bonus, this means that i got FO shots taken by G, with julie as a model! he does all of julie’s picture taking, and i think we can all agree that he does an exemplary job. thanks, G!


so, without further ado, a list of modifications:
-i cast on the number of stitches for the small hat
-i knit the brim flat
-i did two short rows at the front of the hat to set it back a little
-i added a three stitch button hole for the large button (though, frankly, a two stitch button hole would’ve been just fine)
-i added a little shaping to round off the edge of the button band (increase every row until the button hole, decrease every row until the band is done)
-i increased to the number of stitches for the large hat, and switched to US size 8 needles
-i knit the lace pattern for three repeats
-then closed it up per the pattern.
-wet blocked it over a plate to encourage slouchy qualities.
-i sewed the edge of the brim down just past the buttonhole so that it wouldn’t gap.

julie's chapeau

and voila! hat!