so… as y’all may or may not know, it’s time for the second seasonal pinterest challenge. sherry of young house love instigated and participated in the summer edition… i don’t remember what i was doing, but it weren’t that. i was probably busy with something else. either that or i was lazy. probably lazy. it’s usually that.

for those of you unfamiliar with the pinterest challenge, it basically goes like this: you have one week to turn one of your pin shaped daydreams into a full blown reality. the due date is next wednesday. and for the fall edition… well, it’s not like my schedule is wiiiiide open, but i should be able to get something done!

but the question remains: what, oh what, should i do?

thoughts bouncing around in the ol’ noggin:

-a week of outfits wrested directly from pins on my ‘stylistically speaking’ pinboard?


-oh my mighty gorsh, the two months til christmas marker just passed yesterday! so i should maybe start thinking about whipping some of my diy christmas presents into a frenzy? i mean, into action?


-i’ve got lots of upcycling fashion / sewing diys pinned, and a fairly sizable pile of clothing waiting for tweaks before they can be fully incorporated into daily wear… maybe it’s time for some of these to see the sewing machine?


-practically anything from my ‘i can do it myself’ pinboard would qualify.


these are just some thoughts i’m having… you guys got any opinions to throw in the pot over here? i’ve got ears, i’m totally set to listen.