i hope i’m not getting a cold. i’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop the last couple of days. it might also be because i’ve been unraveling one of these bad boys. the front and back are done, but the sleeves still remain. i’m leaving those alone for a little bit while i figure out whether i’m sick or just extra allergic to unraveling thrift store sweaters.


pretty, though, eh? i’m going to wash it all once it’s unraveled…

i got a little obsessed with this pin:


so obsessed that i even contemplated learning crochet for one hot second! so pretty! oh, why did my freckles go away when i grew up? no fair! i love the high contrast of the great punchy bright color with the gentle neutral. so i went shopping in my odds and ends and found these:


did a brief search through a stitch dictionary for an awesome textured stitch that sorta kinda shared some characteristics with crochet, and practically without ever realizing it, i had cast on:


whoops, what is this? how did i manage to cast on for this?