happy halloween, guys!

it’s one of the favorite holidays in this household!

after zombie week, we were looking for more movies that meet both our requirements. jake’s requirement: spooky/scary. my requirement: not tooooooo spooky/scary. what we ended up finding:

vincent price! i’d never seen any of his movies before. but they fit the bill just perfectly. a little campy, a little eerie, a touch spooky, and very very fun. we’ve probably watched three or four vincent price movies now.

also new to me this year: the lost boys.

i was surprised by how much i loved the lost boys. it has a distinctly ’80’s feel of kids adventure that a lot of contemporary movies lack. (with the notable exception of super 8. does it count when it is so heavily emulating those movies?) i was also surprised by how easily the boardwalk in 1987 could been from 2011. subtract a couple of fanny packs, and thin out the number of crop tops, and they could be interchangeable. and i was very pleased with kiefer sutherlands take on the creepy and charismatic vamp. robbie-boy could’ve taken some notes.

there was very little knitting to be found in these movies, so i couldn’t exactly do a daydream knitting post. but there was an awesome dramatic gown in house on haunted hill, and some fabulous sunglasses in the lost boys!