it’s been too long since my last daily duds:


this is very possibly my favorite sweater. it tends to get worn at home, in the evenings when i get cold. when it dies, i will be very sad. and then i will try to remake it. i’m in the market to be tempted to buy red skinny jeans (in case my shopping fairy godmother is listening, i would also accept purple!). until i find some cheap enough to legitimately tempt me, i make do with these thrifted cerulean cords. but i’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to making outfits with them. i stick to grey and black (boo! boring!). what would you pair with bright cerulean cords?


also, i’m completely OBSESSED with knitting my cowl. i love it! i stole knitting time while sitting at red lights on the way home. i’ve got it bad for this one…