like i mentioned yesterday, i’ve been feeling a little burnt out. but i thought i’d put a little extra effort into my outfit today. fake it til you make it, right? that’s my m.o. so i took the time to put on my face, and a little jewelry. of course, you can barely tell in the pictures… but who cares?


it was overcast and dreary and twilighty all day today. i need to bring my attitude around to liking that instead of wishing for more sunshine. this sweater has about a dozen tiny holes in it, probably from some baby bug. so i need to do the whole ‘stitch in time’ thing. at this point i can probably just duplicate stitch them, but if they grow then i may have to…. (shudder) darn them…

on my lunch break, after taking pictures, i went to a coffee shop and had a little down time knitting. i wish i could do this more often. i’m perfectly happy wasting time with a cappuccino and my knitting. right now i’m working on a test knit for erica of the broadcast sweater.


i’m not great at naming things (i think i’ve mentioned this before, and this won’t be the last you hear about it), so i’m proud to already have a name for this project: ‘slow news day’. after britta. who would totally wear this sweater. probably with a leather jacket and some awesome boots.