while a lot of my knitting inspiration comes from others knits on ravelry, or store bought knits on random people on the street, and even knits seen in movies or tv shows, knitting has kind of worked its way into how i view the world. nature and architecture can inspire as easily as anything else.

i love the blog sakura snow. she takes beautiful pictures and curates them together in inspiring ways. every now and again we get glimpses of her work, too, and it is just stunning. she recently posted pictures from a trip to the coast of south africa:

image from sakura snow

does that sand make anyone else want to cast on for something with organic cables immediately? something, perhaps, a leetle like zis? (said a la meg ryan in french kiss)

photo from family trunk project, knitted & designed by emilystarr and here’s the ravelry pattern for ethel mildred ferguson.

i love the idea behind the family tree project, and all of the patterns.