remember how i put up that wish list recently? well… does anything below look familiar?


target blouse, cardigan
j crew green chinos
unknown quantity braided belt
halsingers my comfy clogs
canvas gifted bag!

i happened to mention my wish list (maybe a little loudly) around my grandparents, and they totally heard me! so i got an early christmas present! wheee! it’s massive. i could, for example, fit an entire litter of kittens in it. or, more specifically, sgt. grumbles and soy sauce. do you think joe and tessa would miss them? probably not, right?

in other news, i’m totally sick right now. i revert to a giant child when i’m ill. mind you, i’m always this close to being a giant child anyways, so it isn’t hard. advil cold and sinus and tea are my current constant companions.

i’ve had a request to show off some of my recent aquisitions! i got this butter dish at west elm, where it battled it out with this owl to come home with me. but form + function won over form by it’s lonesome. shown here with my jugenstil tile from a berlin flea market (forgive my pretensions, i just get so much joy out of being able to say stuff like that), our two sugar bowls (yeah, we need two. we’re just that sweet), and my little salt & peeper.

as an interlude before i re-start my sweater, i knit up a quick hat:

it still needs some blocking.